Teacher's Page

Welcome to our info page. Africa-junior.com imparts information to children about the African continent in a playful, interactive and multimedia way. This website also contains an abundance of information, stories, videos, photos and interactive, colourfully illustrated maps, which can be incorporated into the lessons and can, for example, be used to create fanfolds. You are welcome to use the browser/based game “The Buschpilotes” in your classes, as it playfully mediates the geographical knowledge on the webpages of countries and regions.

What is appropriate for which Age?

For children of preschool age, we recommend fairy tales, the music and animal videos. 

For children aged 6-8, who are capable of reading, all maps, animal informations, videos and music can be added. 

For children aged 8-12 we created the informations on countries, history and knowledge and tradition. They can also work with the interactive and political region map, as well as the colourfully illustrated country maps.

Africa for Gamers

For children aged 8-80, the travel game “Die Buschpiloten” was created, which is built on the region maps and the therewith linked information. The game is in German, however, if you read the game instructions before starting the game, you will be able to participate in the exciting missions of the Buschpiloten as well.

We care about youth Protection 

As a publishing company and children’s webpage operators, we are sensitised of the risks and dangers of the internet. Therefore, we have paid extra close attention to our compliance with young protection regulations. 

We look forward to your Feedback

We are thankful for any kind of feedback, whether it is critiques, hints or suggestions. You, as well as your students can directly message us. Furthermore, your students can help shape the website on the menu item take part The best contributions will be engaged in our children’s editing team.

Enjoy working with africa-junior.com!